Shrek Forever After-Kids’ Book iPhone App Review


One of the many great features of the iPhone and of course the iPad is the facility to share books with your kids – Shrek Forever After-Kids’ Book is a perfect example of this. If you’ve got young kids then this app is an absolute must, read our review here…


Shrek Forever After costs $2.99 in the App Store and is produced by Frog Dog Media LLC. Once you have downloaded the app onto your device, you will see this screen. It is very simple to navigate. There are three options to choose from, read it myself, read to me or auto play. There is also the mention of Sir Squeakels to find on every page – once you have located him, just click on him and he sqeeks – the kids love it.

Read it myself


In the read it to myself mode the text is white as above and you literally just read the text. When you have finished a page just select the right arrow and it will scroll to the next sequential page.

Read To Me


In the Read to Me mode the text is white with green over the top as the text is read out to you. It is not possible to change the narrators voice but it is very clear. It is male and American, so as long as you are ok with that, it’s not a problem.

Auto Play


In the Auto Play mode the story is read by the narrator and continues on to each page automatically, when each page has been read.



Additional features include:

– Automatic navigation and narration making it incredibly simple to use
– Character audio from Shrek Forever After motion picture
– Automatic or manual page turn
– Highlighted text helps beginning readers make associations between the words they hear and see



Whether you are waiting for dinner to arrive at a restaurant, are on a long airplane or train trip or you need ten more minutes to finish the grocery shopping. Then this is the app to have to hand for your young child. Obviously this is a great story in the first place and incredibly visual, combined with the navigation which is extremly simple to use then this app is a win win.

This app has to be given a score of 5/5 – believe me, it’s worth it.

Download your copy here

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