The New Arcam rCube – Said To Be The Worlds Best iPod/Phone Speaker Dock


The result of more than three years of R&D, the rCube features a unique acoustic structure driven by state of the art electronics, inside a stylish yet timeless exterior. Arcam of Cambridge UK, kick-started the UK Hi-fi boom of the 60s and are now an acknowledged world leader in high performance audio and video technology for Home Cinema, Hi-fi and Custom install. They are noted for cutting-edge digital research, superb sonics and award-winning industrial design.



Designed by an extremely talented and highly experienced British team, the rCube is for everyone and anyone.

– hugely powerful
– easily portable
– genuine high-fidelity sound
– wireless streaming built-in
– built like a high-end Hi-fi component


While its sonic prowess is nothing short of stunning, its portability, enabled by a powerful Lithium-ion battery, gives it the power to deliver music no matter what the location.

The rCube features an integral iPod dock and, using KLEER technology, a direct music streaming system from any iPod/Pad/Phone, PC or Mac computer.

The Arcam designed amplifiers and unique speaker system deliver huge power, giving room-filling sound while being physically smaller than a football.



– Apple certified for iPhone and iPod
– Kleer lossless streaming – rCube to rCube to Kleer headphone
– iPhone/Pad/Pod local streaming – rWand transmitter required
– PC/MAC to cube house streaming – rWave USB transmitter required

– Massive damped enclosure of Aluminium, MDF and Triple-layer composite
– 90 watts rms real Hi-fi power for amazing levels of sound
– 4 x high-quality speaker drive-units
– 8hr max Lithium-Ion battery pack
– Multi-voltage global power supply


Arcam rCube: Stealth design, high-end iPod sound system. 150 watts of power. Optional music streaming from PC/Mac or iPod/Pad/Phone. All of Arcam’s 25+ years of Hi-fi expertise in a stylish portable device.


At the retail price of £500.00, the rCube offers incredible value for the performance and flexibility delivered. Costing the same as an iPhone, iPad or an LCD TV. Sales start in the UK, Germany, Holland and Scandinavia on Oct 1st, 2010.



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