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There are over 130 photo and video apps in the US BlackBerry Appworld Store and more being added everyday. Obviously there is still some way to go to catch up to Apple’s 3163 photo iPhone apps but these ten here represent the best of the newest photo and video apps for your BlackBerry, just take a look…

Camera Plus


Email Multiple Photos Like Never Before with Camera Plus!

Camera Plus lets you capture, preview and email up to 25 photos or 5000kb’s worth of Data.

The process is simple:
1)Launch Camera Plus
2)Capture Photos by clicking the Camera Icon/Right convenience key
3)Take photos as normal and return to camera plus by pressing ‘back’ twice
4)Preview photos, Remove bad ones, and Email the good ones in a photo album

Camera Plus is an application that improves the mobile photography experience.

After you take photos you can edit the album and show them off using the preview feature.


Video Spin


Video Spin is a very easy Video Blogging application for recording, publishing and uploading Video and Text, to an ever-increasing collection of blogging and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Google Blogger, Linkedin, WordPress, TypePad, Live Journal, Live Spaces, eBay simultaneously.

Key Features:

* Video Blogging
* Video Recording
* Text Blogging
* Email Integration with Contacts for sending media while blogging to other sites simultaneously
* Sending Video and text to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace, Linked in activity stream and other blogging sites simultaneously with one click!
* Use the "Browse & Upload Existing Media" button on the application to select and post pre-existing video files from your Phone.
* Privacy settings (public, friends, private)
* Post video Media description
* Securely post Video and text to live eBay auctions
* Share media on CellSpin community blogs ("clogs") on various discussion topics
* Record and post live events to blogs or clogs, becoming an on-the-scene journalist
* Create your own novel, fun, profitable uses


Camera Mate


Share your pictures and videos with family and friends in real time. You can edit your pictures; automatically send them to family and friends using email or MMS in real time or upload them to your web server using an HTTP protocol.

Camera Mate allows for:
•    Advanced picture editor that allows for Resize, Crop, Rotate, Adjust Brightness and Contrast
•    Automatically upload your pictures and videos to a WEB server, or send them automatically to one or more email recipient or send them using MMS protocol
•    Allows for automatically deleting sent pictures and videos to keep the phone memory clean or moving sent pictures to another folder for deletion at a later time
•    The application allows for presenting each taken picture to be edited or you can edit pictures on demand
•    Tight integration with the phone video and camera


Black’s Photo Print App


The Black’s Photo app offers a mobile way to manage, share, store and print photos, allowing users to immediately share their memories with friends, family and colleagues, rather than sending them at a later time when the moment has passed.

Access Vuclip


Vuclip’s launcher puts videos just a click away. It’s an easy way to access any video, any time on your phone! Search for any video on the web — including great sports, news, anime, babes, and entertainment videos.


Photo Editor Resize


Your phone takes high-res photos? that’s great! But you may want to re-size them to a smaller size to easily email or mms it to friends and family. You can use Photo Editor Resize to re-size your images to a smaller size and a lower quality to save memory space and transfer times.

There are two ways you can launch the app for resizing photos:
• Go to menu and select the Photo Editor Resize icon to launch. Icon will typically be in Downloads folder.
• Go to gallery, select a photo, press menu and opt for “resize photo”.


Photo Email Backup


Every photo you take on your BlackBerry® will get emailed to you or any email address you define using "Photo Email Backup". Install it, configure it and forget it.

Go take as many photos as you want and they will be emailed instantly. Now you do not have to worry about your photos if your memory card gets corrupt, your phone gets wiped or even if you lose your phone. Your photos will be emailed to you the moment they were taken.




PhotoNote lets you take photos with notes. You can use it to share ideas with friend and colleages. It is also useful as a visual todo list or photo diary.
Take photos with notes.
Capture ideas quickly
Share them thru email.
Use as a visual todo list.
Keep a photo diary.
Fast text filter.


Photo Album And Diary


Easily Sort All Of The Photos On Your Phone And Create Unlimited Photo. The App Let’s You Add Titles And Detailed Notes To Each Album And Easily Export Albums With A Single Email.

– Create Unlimited Albums
– Organize Your Photos Into Neat Albums
– Add Titles And Notes to Each Album
– Easily Export All Pictures In Each Album With A Single Email
– Easily View Thumbnails Of All Pictures In Each Album
– Add Notes To Each Album To Describe Your Trip Or Excursion
– Add Photos To Multiple Albums!
– 5 Main Album Folders To Get You Started: Personal, Work, Family, Travel and Other!
– Search Box Lets You Quickly Find Albums!


Depth of Field Calculator


Calculate the Depth of Field for a camera (including DSLR) and lens combinations. Calculates the hyperfocal distance of the selected camera/lens.

Enter camera format, Focal length, aperture and distance to subject.
Calculates DoF near limit
Calculates DoF far limit
Calculates total DoF
Calculates hyperfocal distance


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