Covert Video of Apple iPad 2 Just Released

This is interesting, we’ve just been sent this ‘covert’ video of the iPad 2 taken at the CES in Las Vegas last week. Although we cannot confirm the authenticity of this video, it is interesting nonetheless and seems to share many of the hallmarks of recent images of the iPad 2 currently filling up the ‘net.


GearZap are the company who have brought back this video of the iPad 2 and it appears to be a prototype of the real thing. Apparently, this dummy iPad 2 was given to an undisclosed iPad accessory Chinese supplier use to create new products ready for the official launch of the iPad 2 later on this year, rumored to be February 2011.


From the video we can see that there is a front facing camera and it is positioned in the center of the top bezel. There is a large grill on the bottom right and in general the device appears thinner in design to the current model.


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