Covert Video of Apple iPad 2 Just Released


This is interesting, we’ve just been sent this ‘covert’ video of the iPad 2 taken at the CES in Las Vegas last week. Although we cannot confirm the authenticity of this video, it is interesting nonetheless and seems to share many of the hallmarks of recent images of the iPad 2 currently filling up the ‘net.


GearZap are the company who have brought back this video of the iPad 2 and it appears to be a prototype of the real thing. Apparently, this dummy iPad 2 was given to an undisclosed iPad accessory Chinese supplier use to create new products ready for the official launch of the iPad 2 later on this year, rumored to be February 2011.


From the video we can see that there is a front facing camera and it is positioned in the center of the top bezel. There is a large grill on the bottom right and in general the device appears thinner in design to the current model.

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37 thoughts on “Covert Video of Apple iPad 2 Just Released

  1. I call fake. The front facing camera lens looks like it’s just a black shiny bump glued on. The reflections are wrong for it to be flat or recessed. Check the video at 50sec. Also the icons on the front seem to be overly bright colors like a lot of those knockoff iPhones.

  2. Very suspicious. Listen to the audio of the top video – it is a loop, meaning ‘doctored’, or not real.

    • Really? The “looping” audio? That couldn’t be music in the background where you’re hearing a repetitive beat? Why on earth would they loop background noise in a 50 second clip? If sound were somehow an issue to their video, they’d just as soon remove it, or put other music over it. Very clearly the iPad is a dummy, but that’s much different from the video itself being fake or doctored.

  3. Curious thing about this YouTube Video – Why is the background noise looping? Was this really shot @ CES, or was it meant to look like it was shot at CES?

  4. Uh, that’s a plastic mockup. Probably by the case manufacturer. When is the last time Apple put a “2” (or similar) on the end of the official product name?

  5. You don’t believe any of this for a second, do you? The type of the “iPad 2” on the back ain’t even right. And a fan exhaust? Really?

    • it’s not a fan exhaust. It’s a speaker grill.

      it’s a prototype for a case maker! in china! do you think apple would give them a REAL working protoype?
      heck they may even release their version of the “iPed 2” before apple does 😉

  6. That audio is so completely fake. It’s from a suburban park and loops many times in the duration of the video. Fishy.

  7. It’s absolutely fake.

    1.) The screen is a print out stuffed into a machined case.
    2.) The “camera” in the back is nothing but a black rubber/plastic nub. Like the feet used under laptops to prevent scratching.
    3.) Apple would never name their product “iPad 2”. It would just be iPad.

    The machined case was used by some case manufacturer to produce cases. I’m sure many other people can recreate it.

    Aside from the machined case, everything else about it was un-Apple like. Take a closer look at the icons on the “screen”, the icon labels have a blue background color. Sure it, could be a jailbreak, but if this was an undercover video of an Apple device, it wouldn’t be jailbroken.

  8. Do none of your realise it says “prototype”. This is exactly what I would expect Apple to give a company that is going to be making cases. They wouldn’t give them a real, functioning product. They would give them something that had the right size and shape. The image on the screen looks like it’s just a sticker under the glass.

    • iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 just says iPhone on the back therefore chances are that iPad 2 would follow this naming scheme and just say iPod on the back.

    • Get an iPhone4 and look at the back of it. It just says “iPhone”. Look at the back of the iPod Touch and it just says “iPod”. The iPhone 3G just says iPhone. The older iPod Touch and iPhone 3G list their capacity in a box (e.g. 32GB) however my iPhone4 doesn’t do this. The iPad in the picture has a 2 after the iPad inconsistent with how they’ve done the iPhone and iPod so far.

    • Even if they don’t release it as such, the physical demo unit might be labeled “2” to make it easier for the accessory manufacturer to distinguish it.

    • All iPhones say “iPhone” on the back and that is all. All MacBook Pros say “MacBook Pro” and that is all. The extra information such as “iPhone 3GS” is used at retail only.

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