Top 10 Music Apps For Your Beautiful Blackberry Device


The Blackberry App World store has a superb selection of brilliant apps to choose from. Here we have selected music apps that include themes, music stores, quizzes and music games, allowing you great music fans to listen to your favorite tracks and test your musical knowledge.

Take a look at this list enjoy and why not download one or two for the weekend?

7digital Music Store


Browse the latest charts, preview the latest tracks and discover, purchase & download high quality, DRM-free MP3 music directly to your BlackBerry® smartphone.

You ll also get an integrated advanced media player that imports your existing playlists and MP3 music so that you can carry your music collection wherever you go.

– High quality, DRM-free MP3 music store
– Latest charts, new music and weekly features
– Large music catalogue with thousands of tracks added weekly
– Universal search integration in BlackBerry 6
– Flexible downloads via wireless carrier or WiFi with auto-replace
– Integrated advanced media player with scrobbling
– Headset, speaker and Bluetooth audio streaming support
– Also access your purchases from your computer and download to any media player including iTunes


Nobex Radio Companion


Never miss your favorite radio programs again with Nobex Radio Companion.
Nobex Radio Companion lets you listen to radio stations, search for your favorite songs and post it directly to your Facebook wall with a click of a button.  This app is a great way to receive sports, music or news directly to your BlackBerry smartphone. 
Nobex Radio Companion is available to download free from BlackBerry App World/Download

I Love Music Theme


Keep the beat going strong with the I Love Music Theme for your BlackBerry smartphone. I Love Music transforms your device – the battery meter is a music note and the signal meter is an array of music notes.  Complete with four different backgrounds, the I Love Music theme will get you in the mood, whatever tune is on the radio!
Download £1.65



Heard a song on the radio and desperate to know what it is? With Shazam, you can identify what song is playing, then buy and share it directly through your BlackBerry smartphone. Shazam will also recommend music that you might like based on previous searches, so never again will you be short of cool tunes to listen to!

Download Free

Ultimate Music Quiz


Think you know your Beatles from your Bon Jovi? The Ultimate Music quiz is the perfect app for real music lovers and connoisseurs.  With Ultimate Music Quiz you can take the challenge and test your music knowledge straight from your BlackBerry smartphone.

The app features 1,000 music questions spanning a generation of music history.  Complete with a question countdown timer for the real experts and enhanced graphics and sounds, the Ultimate Music Quiz is sure to put your music knowledge to the test.

Guitar Studio


With Guitar Studio, you can create music on the go straight from your BlackBerry smartphone. Have a great idea for a hit song? The comprehensive onboard Tab and Chord/Lyric Editor allows you to create music while on the go. You can hit the record button and record yourself playing and singing, directly to your BlackBerry smartphone!
Complete with a 30,000+ chord library, Guitar Studio is the perfect way for budding musicians to unleash their creativity on the go.


MP3 Ringtone Creator


Easily create your own Ringtones directly from your BlackBerry smartphone.  Simply choose a song, select a starting point and save your new Ringtone file.  It’s as easy at that!   Features include the ability to add a fade in, fade out effect to your Ringtone as well as the ability to create alerts or other sounds.

BlackBerry Podcasts


You’ll never be bored again with the BlackBerry Podcast app. Get free podcasts of your favorite music videos delivered directly to your BlackBerry smartphone, subscribe to your favorite podcasts, or download new ones and watch them when you want on your BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Podcasts app will notify you when new episodes of your podcasts are available, so you can stay up to date, all the time!


DJ Hero Mobile


Step into the DJ booth and test your skills on the ones and twos in this mobile version of the console smash hit. Scratch and mix beats from original tracks by The Jackson 5 and Third Eye Blind, Marvin Gaye and David Bowie, and lots more!
Operate a virtual turntable with green, red and blue streams – when the notes reach the "hit zone", tap the appropriate button to keep the beats on time. Scratch and cross-fade on the beat and unleash euphoria when the time is right to make DJ history! The more beats you successfully rock, the more mixes you unlock!
Every dance floor needs a Hero, so grab your mobile and let the beats DROP!




Love a song but always forget the words? TuneWiki is a revolutionary new way to experience your favourite music on your BlackBerry smartphone.  TuneWiki’s social media player provides you subtitled lyrics to the music in your stored library, music videos as well as internet Streaming Radio through SHOUTcast™ radio.
As you play music, lyrics scroll on the bottom of the screen. You can also search for lyrics to over 2.5 Million songs. Use Music Maps and real time Top 50 charts to see what people are listening to around the world and to discover new music!
Other features include creating your own playlists of songs to listen to, searching for lyrics to your favourite songs, and communicating what you’re listening to via Facebook and Twitter integration.


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  1. I’m loving TuneWiki the most. Obviously would be fun on my Torch 9850. Can’t wait to sing along. LOL Thanks Joanne.

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