Major Update To ShutterSnitch – iOS Pro Photography App


One of our favorite apps here at, see our recommendation here. ShutterSnitch allows you to wirelessly transfer images to your iPad from your Eye-Fi card, Canon, Nikon or other filetransmitter that supports uploading to an FTP server over your wireless network. When a JPEG arrives, ShutterSnitch analyzes it and warns you if anything differs from the rules you’ve set up.

ShutterSnitch has now had an update, check out What’s New below…

What’s New


• Added setting to change the preferred color of the browser background.
• Added a pie progress indicator when Actions are uploading to locations.
• Star rating is now saved to JPEG files.
• Importing photos from the Photos app / camera now includes the metadata of the file.
• Saving to the Photos app now includes the metadata of the photos.
• Added a Settings option to choose if the image masks should be visible on an attached external screen or during slideshows.
• Tapping the tool button now offers a Limited Mode option. It will let the user browse the contents of the collection with a customizable set of functions (Mail, Delete, Rate).
• You can now resize the photos to a custom maximum size when mailing and exporting to a location.
• "Change photo" Action added. With this, you can now resize and/or watermark a photo when it arrives. Note that this will REPLACE the original file!
• From the "Warnings" dialog, you can now enable a highlight alert that will make overexposed areas of the photos blink red.
• An indicator now shows if a zoomed photo is not yet rendered completely. (Can be disabled in the settings)
• Added size-info when tapping and holding a collection.
• Added "free disk space" info to the title of the Options popup in the collection overview. When there’s only 100MB free it’ll also show in the collection titlebar.
• SmugMug added to the Locations.
• Prettier zooming..
• You can now add/edit locations when adding an Action.

ShutterSnitch is available in the App Store for $15.99 – you can download it here.

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