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The basic concept of Chalk Ball is all about math, physics, and quick thinking. How and where you draw the lines determines the angle that the ball will rebound. You have to be quick on the draw–if you just bounce the ball around randomly and try to keep it alive, you’ll quickly run out of chalk and the ball will drop. Game over!


First, pick a theme–Chalkboard, Notepad, or the newest one, the hip and retro 8 Bits. Next, decide what style of game you prefer: Survival or Adventure. Survival is the basic game–how long can you keep your ball in the air? As you get better, advance to higher levels of difficulty, topping out at Insane.


For a more involved game you can choose your own adventure, including Geometry Abduction, Zero-G, Chasing Badball, 2 Leagues Under the Sea, and more. Each offers different patterns of balls that you must remove. Progress through the adventure levels to complete your mission.


Chalk Ball connects with the online service OpenFeint, allowing you to earn achievements such as Back from Death, Binary Score, Math Genius, and even the coveted Jedi Knight. Create a profile and see if you can earn a spot at the top of the global rankings. May the Chalk Be with You!

This app is free just for today, you can download it here.

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