Hipstamatic Version 210 Now Available


As we mentioned on May 13, 2011 Hipstamatic 210 is now available and includes some great new features. There’s a new free lens and tons of other great features, check them out below.

This is a free upgrade if you already have Hipstamatic, if not you can download it here.

What’s New


Twitter sharing (with images hosted by Hipstamatic)
• New free lens: Buckhorst H1 Hipstamatic)
• New Bondi HipstaPak: featuring the Ben Watts lens — only available until September
• Pinch-to-enlarge viewfinder (with tap-anywhere photo shooting while zoomed)
• Push notifications for new FreePaks, awesome contests, and other important Hipsta-news
• Completely rewritten-from-scratch and redesigned Recent Prints section
• Stacks no longer have a print limit
• Viewing of contest leaderboards and details in-app (and removal of the Flickr account requirement for entry)
• Ability to order prints and analog products from the Hipstamart in-app

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