New iOS Productivity App – Listary – Sync Your Lists


Listary is a “deliciously simple”, “very efficient” and “stupidly flexible” app that helps you make lists of everything and keep them in sync over-the-air.

Listary is simple and efficient. There are no due dates or tags. Just lists of items. And it’s easy to add and manage multiple items at once.

Key Features


• Keep all kinds of lists in one place
• Free over-the-air syncing with Simplenote
• Quickly add multiple items at once
• Supports shared lists via Simplenote




• Add many items at once, just with the keyboard!
• TextExpander support when adding items or lists
• Quickly add multiple items from the main screen without even selecting a list – just set a default list. You can even rename it to “Inbox” or “Today”.

Sync With SimpleNote


• It’s free and just works. You don’t even notice it.
• Use your lists with other Simplenote apps
• It’s really fast — your lists are kept in plain text
• No need to remember complicated syntax

What You Can Use Listary For


• Project to-dos
• Shared grocery lists
• Things to pack for a trip
• Music albums to listen
• Topics for a meeting
• Places to check out
• Quotes you like
• Birthday gift ideas
• Party invitations
• Apps to download
• Ideas for blog posts

This app retails for $1.99 in the Apple App Store and you can download it here

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