Dolphin Alarm Clock for iPad – Review


We are very impressed with this app, it’s a great way to wake up and certainly ticks all the boxes for unique content. Despite there being quite a lot of alarm clock apps in the App Store, there are none like this. Read our review below.

We recently interviewed the developer of this great app, Mark Linthicum, you can read that here.

This app retails for $4.99 in the App Store and you can download it here.


If you’re looking for an alarm clock for your iPad that’s a bit different to the norm then this app could be just the thing. As well as some outstanding footage of real dolphins that was shot by the developer and his team for a movie (Beneath the Blue) 10-percent of the proceeds from sale of the app is being donated to the Sea Shepard Convservation Society, which is dedicated to protecting not only dolphins but all wildlife inhabiting the worlds oceans.


The app is a visual treat, yet it’s restful, should you be setting it up late at night for a bright and breezy start in the morning, which is kind of the point.



An auto-dimming night mode is a rather neat addition.

The quality footage (over 1GB in fact) gives the impression you’re viewing the dolphins from some kind of submersible. There’s something deeply calming about it. And the latest update, version 1.2, has even more dolphins than before.


Setting the alarm function couldn’t be simpler. The clock can be displayed in either 12- or 24-hour mode and you simply tap the corresponding digits – no scrolling involved!

If there’s a niggle you can’t select multiple alarm times throughout the day or program new times over different days. You can choose the day or days, say Monday thru Friday, or Monday thru Sunday even, but if you want a lie-in at the weekend, for instance, you can’t set a different (i.e. later) time for Saturday or Sunday. But this is easily rectified with a future, albeit as yet unannounced, firmware upgrade.


As well as access to your music library (from your iTunes account) there are 32 different tunes to choose from for your alarm.


If the app is open this is what you’ll see when you wake to the alarm. From the preferences, you can program the snooze feature to sound the alarm again at any interval you like, though the default is set, sensibly, for a couple of minutes.


If the app is closed (as is the most likely scenario) then the alarm can still be heard (you must have the volume set beforehand) and you’ll see a message like that seen above. We’ve hit the snooze button here a couple of times, hence the time.


Unlike the iPhone the iPad isn’t bundled with an alarm clock, and, while that seems like an oversight to us, apps like this are particularly welcome. With the lack of setting multiple alarm times the only real niggle, the beautifully shot footage and simple functionality mean this app should be on your iPad. Highly recommended.

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