FL Studio Mobile – New iOS Music Project App


FL Studio Mobile allows you to create and save complete multi-track music projects on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can even load the FL Studio Mobile projects into the ‘FL Studio Desktop PC’ version* and take them to the next level.

If it’s a beat on the step sequencer, a melody on the piano roll or a full song on the playlist, FL Studio Mobile has you covered. Never lose that idea again. Get it down and happening wherever you are.

The iPhone version of this great app is currently on offer at $14.99 – you can download it here
The iPad version is $19.99 and you can download it here

The Instruments


FL Studio Mobile comes with a wide range of studio recorded instruments covering all musical styles including classic, jazz, rock, electronic and much more.

  • Instruments
  • Synths
  • Drum Kits
  • Slicex Loops
  • With pitchbend control via device tilt.

The Keyboard / Drum Pads


FL Studio Mobile offers the most innovative Keyboard
and Drum Pads:

  • Resizable & stackable keyboard, 5 simultaneous touches (10 on iPad)
  • Instant key resizing and scrolling with gestures
  • Assign 2 different instruments to the 2 keyboard rows
  • 3 key label modes
  • Fullscreen support
  • Two device orientations
  • 1-tap recording with undo function
  • Loop recording
  • Fully configurable metronome

The Step Sequencer


Bar-wise editing in the sequencer speeds up the process significantly: record just one measure of a beat or a melody, then simply repeat it a few times to build up your song.

  • Quickly lay down a rhythm.
  • Multiple sounds in one instrument
  • Reloop beats
  • Beats are quantized to the step-grid.
  • Adjust pitch & velocity of each step.

Track Editor


The track editor mode presents you with an overview of your project and allows you to quickly edit whole tracks. 

  • Set the signature and tempo of your song
  • Add, duplicate and delete tracks
  • Change the track’s instruments
  • Volume fader
  • Pan knob
  • Effect bus setting
  • Mute and solo

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