Flare – Mac Photography App – 50% Off


If you haven’t already picked up this great app from the Mac App Store, now is a good time to do so. Down in price from $19.99 to $9.99, it’s a bargain. Flare effortlessly adds effects and textures to your photos. Choose from a variety of Flare’s built-in Presets or create your own using dozens of individual photographic effects. Easy to learn for casual hobbyists, Flare also has the flexibility professional photographers need.

If you would like to download Flare you can do so by clicking here

Basic Principles

  1. Photos: You can call them images, photos, or pictures, but Flare exists to make ’em more awesome. ’Nuff said.
  2. Presets: Presets are bundles of effects that you can apply to your photos. If one of the included presets don’t quite do what you need it to do, you can edit it or make your own. You can even share customized presets with your friends, so they can use them too.
  3. Effects: Effects are individual changes that can be applied to your photos. You can use them as part of the built-in presets, add or subtract them to edit the built-in presets, or use them as building blocks for your own custom presets.
  4. Snapshots: If you’re working on a preset but it’s not quite ready to save yet, you can save it temporarily as a snapshot. Beware, though—if you save more than 24 snapshots, you’ll start to lose your earliest ones. Make sure to save your presets as soon as you’re happy with them.
  5. Image Controls: Flare doesn’t just do presets and effects. If you need to rotate or crop a photo, Flare is right there with the goods.
  6. Save and Export: Flare lets you save your now-even-more-awesome photo as a file on your Mac, send it to flickr, or send it in an email.

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