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Notability is a powerful note-taker designed for speed, comfort and flexibility. From simple text to logical outlines to media-rich notes with linked audio recordings, the streamlined interface places all essential note-taking tools at your finger tips to help you capture more information.

It has just been updated and has 40% off of the price for the new release. Take a look at What’s New below…

You can pick up this app for $2.99/Download here

What’s New


Totally redesigned, beautiful UI including multi-level library organization, password protection, take photos within the app, improved image layout engine, drag & drop library, and more.

Full change list below.

Note view
– Page marks provide a preview for PDF export and printing
– Improved media placement
– Put media wherever you want
– Media can overlap and be layered
– Text wrap control either around or above and below media
– Larger workspace
– Take pictures within the app with iPad 2 camera support 
– Disable browser access when Safari is restricted
– Faster outlining
– Place the cursor anywhere

– Drag and drop notes into subjects
– Subjects can be password protected
– Subjects can be organized by categories
– Subjects can be readily identified by your choice of 48 colors and 48 icons
– Subjects and categories can be rearranged.
– Notes can be sorted alphabetically or by date, size and subject
– Note date can be changed

Other– Improved help– Improved support for importing outlines created in Word

Bug fixes– International keyboard– Stability



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