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3D iPhoneography is a fast growing area and one that many people enjoy. There are several good 3D iPhone photo apps in the app store but they are hard to find. All require that you use the cheap cardboard cyan and red 3D glasses of two decades ago to view the images effectively.

Although most developers talk about how easy it is to take a good 3D shot with your iPhone, we would say that you will need to practice and be patient. The best way to start out is by taking very simple images on a plain background, avoid ‘busy’ images. The reason we say this, is because you will, in most cases, need to take two images, one left and one right – between taking each of the images you need to move the iPhone to the right slightly, then take the second shot. It’s the ‘gap’ between these two images that creates the depth in order to create the 3D image. If you have a very busy subject it makes it harder to line up.

There are not nearly enough good 3D camera apps in the app store and this is definitely an area that needs more investment, come on developers. Our top 10 3D iPhoneography apps here has been defined by actual sales and critique.

3D Camera


In order to get a successful image with 3D camera you need to take left and right photos of a subject – this sounds quite a lot easier than it is but with practice a good 3D result can be achieved. You can filter the image with either grey or color anaglyph and use the paper red/cyan 3D glasses to view.


Photo 3D


Create 3d images on your iPhone! This app allows you to take 2 consecutive pictures (one for the left eye and one for the right eye) and combine them to create a 3D image. In preview mode, use the arrows to align images to create a perfect stereoscopic image.


Camera 3D Pro


Simple enough to use but the instruction text could be more clear. There’s a built in tutorial video that will sort out any issues you have though.

Free but in-app expansion pack of $2.99/£3.99



Easy 3D Camera


This application supports the following methods. 
- Stereo Photograph(cross-Eyed)
- Stereo Photograph(parallel eyes)
- Anaglyph(Red-Cyan 3D Pictures)
- Wobble 3d Photograph


3-D Camera


Simply point-n-shoot a scene that you like and the app converts the image into a 3-D at the touch of a button. You can also import the pictures clicked on another camera and import them into this app to view them in 3-D.




With 3D-VJU you can take anaglyph images with your camera, or you can make a 3D illusions out of images from you photo library. Pick ANY image from your library and 3D-VJU will add third dimension to it.



Something slightly different but based upon the same lines. This app is quite unique and definitely worth checking out. View the view above.


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Stereogram – Photos with depth


Stereogram makes taking pseudo 3D photos easy. Use it to capture things you don’t want to forget. The extra sense of depth brings your polaroids to life. Stereo photography mimics your own binocular vision. It’s like taking a picture of what your left eye sees and then taking one of what your right eye sees. Once the two photos are combined, the illusion of depth is created.




Another app with a slightly different 3D slant, but very interesting nonetheless. ImageAMMO presents your images to the world in a unique, dramatic, and interactive way. View your whole collection of photos all in one simple to use app. Use it as an inventive sales or education tool, product image display, or amazing slideshow.

Using your existing photo library, ImageAMMO for iOS will generate and animate 3D shapes. You can interact with the display naturally by simply touching your screen. Tap a picture to bring it forward for a closer look. Touch and drag to spin the shape. Use 2 fingers to flick left or right through batches of pictures.



3D Gallery X


This app allows you to effectively ‘walk through’ galleries in real time – but these galleries include your own photographs. Interesting concept, the 3D virtual galleries have space for 6500 images plus there’s also multexturing, animated textures and lightmaps.


Install and access your important photo editing applications and software no matter where you from any device with a cloud desktop from . Be more productive with SharePoint and Office 365 by Apps4Rent.

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