Apple Selling Refurbished iPad 2 Models Online


Apple provides a 1 year warranty on any refurbished device. All refurbished models come complete with a brand new battery and outer shell, so the models look like new.

This time around the iPad 2 refurbished model prices have been reduced $50 per piece. This is a great chance to get yourself a reduced iPad 2, before Apple announces the iPad 3 this fall.

Here are the available models along with prices and links:

* 32GB Wi-Fi 3G- Black AT&T $679
* 32GB Wi-Fi 3G- White AT&T $679
* 32GB Wi-Fi 3G- White Verizon $679
* 64GB Wi-Fi- Black $649
* 64GB Wi-Fi 3G- Black AT&T $779
* 32GB Wi-Fi 3G- Black Verizon $679
* 64GB Wi-Fi- White $649
* 64GB Wi-Fi 3G- White AT&T $779
* 64GB Wi-Fi 3G- White Verizon $779

Prices and availability are subjected to changes. It is currently available to the US users only. Product will be delivered within 3 business days.


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