Will The iPhone 5 Look Like The Samsung Galaxy S II?


Looks like it will do to us, take a look at these drawings and images below that MacRumors has just posted. In July, a ‘purported design document’ of the iPhone 5 became believable enough for case manufacturers to start producing cases based on these measurements. Well, MacRumors decided to purchase some of these cases and measure them for themselves.

This is what they discovered:

"Our designer took measurements of this imaginary device using the dock port as a standard measurement and produced the document shown above. Based on that extrapolation, the iPhone 5 design should have had dimensions of 4.33" x 2.36", suggesting a shorter but only slightly wider design. In comparison, the iPhone 4 dimensions are 4.5" x 2.31".

What we can’t explain, however, is that the actual third-party cases circulating are significantly longer and wider than what the design document would have suggested".

To read more, go to MacRumors here.


Image above via MacRumors


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2 thoughts on “Will The iPhone 5 Look Like The Samsung Galaxy S II?”

  1. IBM came out with the first full touch screen mobile phone in 1992 called IBM SIMON.
    It had all pda functions plus more and yes it was a mobile phone.
    Apple is always crying foul, why ?????

    It reminds me of a story about a thief who injured himself while breaking and entering in someone’s house then sued the occupants for his incompetence…

    Hey Apple, hows this for copying (I-BM , I-Phone).
    Lets rename iphone to icry.

  2. iPhone 5 totally looks like Samsung Galaxy S II….
    Srs Apple, you really can’t come up with a better design??

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