Daily Photo App Digest – October 17, 2011


Latest iOS photos apps updated today…All these updates are free if you have previously purchased the app, if not then you can do so with the links included in each description below.

Camera Genius


A great app that you can use to capture great photos and videos. It’s been updated for iOS 5 compatibility today and also includes a couple of bug fixes.




This intuitive, easy to use application offers a comprehensive set of professional editing tools. It’s been updated for iOS 5 compatibility and the developers have fixed some problems with Facebook uploading.




Displays photo metadata for iPad and internet photos. This app has also been updated for iOS 5 compatibility as well as support for Photo Stream.


King Camera


A very comprehensive and powerful camera and photo editing app. It’s been updated for iOS 5 compatibility and there’s also a new toggle feature that allows you to launch app to camera to photodesk. There’s also a ‘quick fix’ and ‘I need a Flash’ facilities in Quickmatik.




A very popular app in Japan, CoodeCamera allows you to take photos of your daily outfits and apply effects and then share with friends. This update adds a new function that allows the user to search the images by category. You can also search your friends through Facebook and invite them to join you on CoodeCamera.


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