iOS 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 And iPhone 6


Well, why stop at iPhone 5? The rumor mill is in overdrive with only hours to go until we all find out for sure what Apple has been working on.

We’re in for a great night/morning, don’t miss it…

iOS 5


There’s no doubt that Apple will be announcing iOS 5 tonight/this morning, Apple has been happy to confess that over 200 new features are to be included in the latest release. What would be good to know, and hopefully we will find out, is whether iOS 5 will be immediately available or will it coincide with the release of the new hardware?

Despite many rumors circulating that there will also be a Facebook tie-up announced, with the possibility of the launch of an iPad app, an updated iPhone app, amongst others. There are also reports, most notably from Business Insider reporting that this will not be happening.



iCloud should be announced tonight/this morning with the idea of seamless content updates across all devices. This should tie-in well with iOS 5.

New iPhone


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You may of seen some reports coming out of Brazil, there’s a Foxconn factory there, that Apple will be announcing a new ‘budget’ iPhone 4 8GB model. Of course, as for budget the iPhone 3GS is currently still available – could Apple offer it free on contract or even off contract? There are reports that Apple has started stocking their store with unlocked iPhone 3GS devices, this has never happened previously in a US store.

We’re most excited and indeed it seems so are you guys about the strongly rumored new model of iPhone. Will be see a new slim-lined redesigned iPhone 5? I hope so, but most of the evidence gathered so far seems to point to an iPhone 4S device instead.



Apple acquired technology last year to bring in Apple’s new virtual assistant services, with the idea being, voice activated commands are turned into completed tasks. This is rumored to be a new feature in the new iPhone – whichever one that may be.


iPhone 6


iPhone 6? Well we don’t really expect any announcements on this but you can bet your bottom dollar that Apple have this in the works, and then some.

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