New iOS Photography App – Big Lens


When it comes to creating great-looking images, it’s all about focus and filters. Big Lens gives you the ultimate in focus and filter tools for your iPhone.

Simply focus where you want, with Reallusion’s Big Lens which turns everyone’s iPhone into a professional SLR camera.

Big Lens comes complete with 5 SUPER tools to help iPhone/iPad users to create high quality photos.

This app retails for $0.99/£0.69and you can pick it up here.

Smart Focus System 


The Big Lens Smart Focus system allows you to use your finger tips to focus your images without any previous knowledge in Depth-of-Field. You can use basic geometric shapes or a lasso tool to auto-focus your target, or you can choose advanced mode to manually define your focus area. Smart Focus will then automatically refine your selection with precision.

Aperture Control


Adjust the aperture in Big Lens with a single gesture to instantly change the blur level of the out-of-focus area. Remember that larger apertures blur the background more! Big Lens also offers 9 unique lenses that allow out-of-focus light points to blur into shapes like hearts and stars. This great tool turns simple-looking backgrounds into atmospheric backdrops.

Filter Effects


Filters allow photographers to create special tones over images. Big Lens has more than 18 filters that allow users to enhance color, increase contrast, or add Lomo effects. The result is spectacular filter simulation results right from your iPhone. 

Instant Focus/Blur Tool


With instant focus and blur tools, users are able to instantly modify the focus and blur area with their fingers in no time. Use simple gestures to enhance and retouch focal areas to make the subject of your photos really pop.

Before & After Preview


This is another great tool that allows users to compare before & after images to ensure they get the exact result they’re looking for. You can review your images at any time during your make-over process.

Now you can save images in the Camera Roll in full size; or you can share your work through e-mail, Facebook, Picasa or Dropbox in 960×720.

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1 thought on “New iOS Photography App – Big Lens

  1. “loading image failed. the image size over 5M is not supported”…

    I get this with every pic taken with the regular cam…what kind of rip off is that??? I’m supposed to use DSLR like effects, but can only use it with pics I took with the lousy frontfacing cam??? another buck wasted…

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