BlackBerry – CAMultimate Photography App – Updated


CAMultimate PRO-EDITION is a BlackBerry Photo app unlike many others. It is designed to be the one touch interface for your BlackBerry® Torch™ camera device and is jam packed with tons of features. Check them out below.

This app retails for $3.99/£2.50 and you can pick it up here.



 CAMeffects – Create image effects on new and existing photos with over 18 different camera filters. The CAMeffects mode also includes a Pencil Sketch Effect that amends your photo simulating a pencil sketch effect.

CAMfun– Create fun effects on new and existing photos! Includes a Fat Face Effect.

CAMshout mode – Surprise your friends with the unique CAMshout that gives a shout out to your friends before you take a photo, ideal for making your friends aware of when you are taking that pic.

CAM-QR mode  – Read and create your very own QR codes! Most QR readers on the market today allow you to read QR codes, but with ours not only can you read, but you can also create your very own QR codes direct from your own Blackberry device.

View Gallery mode – View all your photos that you have taken with CAMultimate and you can keep, delete, or send to your friends.

GEOtag Images – Add a GEOtag which will save your location tag to the properties of the image taken in standard camera mode! A geotag gives your location and saves the location tag to the image of your photo in Standard CAM mode so your friends know the place where you took the photo.

CAMburst – Take three photos in a short space of time.

CAMtimer – A 3 or 5 second self timer that will take a photo automatically for you.

CAMmute – Captures the onscreen image as a photo without the shutter sound so that if you find the shutter sound annoying, then why not take a quick simple capture of the screen using the CAMmute mode, which simulates a camera shutter mute.

Crop Image – Only want your friends to see just part of an image? Well now you can; by cropping a photo and saving it. Cut out parts that spoil your photos and only really show what really matters.

Edit Pictures – Apply any effect and crop any image as and when you like.




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