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If you reside in the UK and you enjoy takeaway food and who doesn’t? Then you might want to check out the hungryhouse iPhone app as you can place orders for delivery to your home even while you’re stuck on the train enroute. is the UK’s leading takeaway delivery portal. More than a just a restaurant directory – it’s a more convenient way to find a restaurant and order a delivery. Customers can browse menus of every cuisine, read reviews, and order online from a rapidly growing selection of the best local delivery services.

Sound good? Well it is, read our comprehensive review below and download this app to help you out in the kitchen this Christmas holiday.



Firstly, log into the App Store and go to the Lifestyle section where you can download the free hungryhouse app – or click here to do it even faster.

Find Restaurants


When using the app for the first time select, Find Restaurants and type in your post code. Or click the ‘nearby’ icon and the app will use your current location to find restaurants in your area.

Choose A Restaurant


The app will then show you the restaurants in your area. In the example above, you can see two restaurants have been selected. From this position you can read reviews of the restaurant and find out more information, including the address, minimum order value, delivery charge and restaurant opening times.



Even if the restaurant is closed you can still place an order. Just select the ‘order for later’ option. The menu will then be shown with the prices.

Just go through the menu as you normally would and when you see something you would like to eat, just select it. You will be asked for the quantity of the item and there’s also a separate area for special requests. So if you want something cooked in a special way, or perhaps you have some allergies you can mention that here too.

Adding More Items


To select more items to your basket, just swipe the screen to the left for more choices. Then select what you would like to add.



When you have completed your order, just select Checkout and your complete basket will be displayed with the total charge. To pay you with the app you need to either Sign In, that’s if you’ve used the app previously. Sign In with Facebook, as the latter but perhaps a quicker way of doing it. Or Create Account if this is your first order.

Create Account


It’s very simple to create an account within this app. Just add your name, email address and phone number. The post code is automatically held and you just need to add your house number. Then choose a Member ID, password and security question. That’s it, in future you only need to add this information for the Sign In. Next add your credit or debit card number and security code and you’re all set.

Select the time you would like the order delivered to your location and that’s it, just sit back and let someone else worry about the cooking for a while.



So, you want to know if this app is any good and will you really use it? Most definitely Yes to both. This is an excellent app, that works incredibly well. We have been fortunate enough to of tried and tested it and there have been no issues to speak of.

If you enjoy hungryhouse and have an iPhone then this app should be on it. We only hope the developers create an Android and Windows version soon. Check back for that and we’ll let you know when they do.

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