iTunes – 12 Days Of Christmas – What You Might Have Missed So Far


This post is from 2011 – to see what’s going free today during the 12 days of Christmas Day 8 – go here

Many of our readers have been incredibly disappointed that they have not been able to download the daily free gift that Apple has been supplying as their ’12 Days of Christmas’ promotion.

Please keep all your comments coming in as we will be complying a report and submitting this to our contacts at Apple as soon as we can.

Some readers have asked us for information on what they may of missed so far. We’ve updated this post to where we are today, but we will keep updating it everyday so you can keep a running tally of all the freebies. So, without further ado, please see below…

Day 1 – Coldplay



Apple gave away an exclusive EP from Coldplay that included three songs, three music videos and iTunes LP.

Day 2 – Top Gear and The Trip


Two great episodes from the BBC were on offer on day 2 from Top Gear and The Trip.

Day 3 – Marry The Night – Lady GaGa


Apple were giving the Marry the Night single by Lady GaGa away on day 3.

Day 4 – The Redbreast


Our most controversial day so far, with many readers desperate to get their hands on this free book only to experience no end of problems.

Day 5 – Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing


This gaming app was available on day 5 but again many of your experienced downloading issues.

Day 6 – David Guetta – Nothing But The Beat


Well, day 6 arrived and Apple gifted David Guetta, Nothing But the Beat tracks to you. These include Medley: Paris/Without You/Lunar/Sunshine and Without You (featuring Usher).

Day 7 – Snapseed – iPhoneography App


This was a strange giveaway, not for the app in question as this is a fantastic photo app, definitely one of the best. But, more the case that we had ‘discovered’ this app going free on day 6 before it was officially announced as part of the 12 Days of Christmas Day 7 giveaway. Nevertheless, for anyone who hadn’t already got this app, it was a great one to pick up.

Day 8 – One Direction


A musical one for Day 8 courtesy of One Direction with Gotta Be You single. Good track.

Day 9 – TV Episodes – House & 30 Rock


Day 9 of the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas promotion allowed you to pick up two TV episodes of House and 30 Rock both are from Season 1 and both are the first Pilot episodes. Each retail for $2.99/£1.99.

Day 10 – Shift 2 – Unleashed


Day 10 of the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas promotion allowed you to pick up Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed by Electronic Arts. This app is currently reduced in the App Store anyway and is available for $0.99/£0.69 but you could of saved yourself that expense and downloaded it.

Day 11 – Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2012 iBook


This is a good saving as this book usually retails for $9.99/£6.99. This book highlights the best places to go and things to do all around the world. It’s jam packed with great knowledge and advice mixed with a healthly editon of passion.

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3 thoughts on “iTunes – 12 Days Of Christmas – What You Might Have Missed So Far

  1. I downloaded snapseed on day 7. However when i went to use it, it was no longer there!! I checked on the app store and there is no recolection of me downloading it. So now i have to pay for it. This has really annoyed me and it needs sorting out ASAP

  2. Interesting thing is that every country or group of countries have different gifts. For example i ´m from Slovakia and my Day 8 Gift is Andre Boccelli – O sole mio (Live at Central Park, 2011) and Day 4 was The Lion King ebook (absolutely useless)

  3. This is soooooooooooooo stupid… I would have liked to get Day 8 that One Direction – Gotta Be You single but in my country (which is Finland) I also got that Andre Boccelli – O sole mio (Live at Central Park, 2011) which was totally useless for me. I need to complain to Apple because I’d really have wanted that Gotta Be You -single… 🙁

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