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AntiCrop will launch in the App Store on January 17th, 2012, being the first app in existence to offer photo uncropping. The easy to use application will only require users to drag the borders of any newly snapped or saved photo to expand the desired section of a picture. Also, AntiCrop will provide innovative photo straightening technique allowing users to keep original image resolution.

Created by Adva Soft a young Ukrainian software development company specialing in advanced software solutions for photo editing and developers of the succesful TouchRetouch iOS app.



The application uses unique, highly intellectual content filling algorithms that recognize the outer edges of a photo then replicates them, adding border strips to the image that match seamlessly. Users merely have to drag any border of a picture to expand the desired section and have the undesirable areas removed. The process works equally well on freshly snapped photos, as it does on pictures saved in a user’s camera roll or library.


AntiCrop’s quality is excellent, developed and brought to market by Adva Soft, the same people who created TouchRetouch. Photography software is their specialty.

The following are some of the features found in AntiCrop:

  • World’s first app with anti-cropping algorithm
  • Uncrop photos in any direction
  • Lossless straighten technique
  • Attractive, easy to use interface
  • Optimized for multi-core processors
  • Only $0.99!
  • Created by the developers of TouchRetouch

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