iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas – Day 9 – TV Episodes – House & 30 Rock


Day 9 of the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas promotion is here and today you can pick up two TV episodes of House and 30 Rock both are from Season 1 and both are the first Pilot episodes. Each retail for $2.99/£1.99. If you haven’t watched these hilarious shows yet, this will give you a good opportunity to do so.

We’ve had lots of comments from our readers that they are having real difficulties downloading these freebies, which rather defeats the object. If you experience any issues relating to this promotion, please let us know in the comments box below and we will pass these on to our contacts at Apple.


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7 thoughts on “iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas – Day 9 – TV Episodes – House & 30 Rock”

  1. Click “Free” and then “Get HD Series” and the button reverts to “Free” – nothing ever happens.

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