Game Developers Reveal App Secrets


The development team at smartphone game company Kwalee has been given a pass to blog and tweet about the progress of their game production, codenamed Vegemite. Giving an insightful glimpse behind their work, the Kwalee blog, featured on their website, has been recently updated with "Tales from the code mines", sharing game statistics and displaying a dramatised visualisation of their Vegemite development. The video is available on Kwalee’s YouTube channel.


A Twitter page has been titled after their codenamed app, @VegemiteDevlog revealing product updates and developments on the current work made to build Kwalee’s debut application.

The VegemiteDevlog twitter page is growing to be a rich source of information to stay on top of the development of Vegemite. Members of the development team are tagged with their progress, to keep track of who is tweaking Kwalee’s exciting new app.

YouTube Video

Kwalee’s CEO, David Darling, is eager to share the app’s development on Twitter.

"Twitter is a great, modern way to interact with the world. With millions of people signed up to Twitter, many of which are from the gaming world, we are eager to keep everyone in the know about Kwalee and our projects."

The development team is eager to share behind the scenes gossip on the app’s construction. Lead Programmer, Mark Oxenham, explains the benefits:

"As gamers, we love talking about games, especially the ones we are working on. All too often we are silenced by internal policies or NDAs, but the blog and Vegemite Twitter page encourage us to reveal a steady stream of features and secrets."

Mark hopes for the updates to cause a buzz among Kwalee’s keen followers, as the development team will continually increase content on their blog, allowing outsiders a peek in to the development progress at the Leamington Spa games company.

Kwalee also have a personal Twitter page, @kwaleeteam. This is updated numerous times a day to keep followers informed on the apps development, the staff, the work they are structuring, as well as the Office Table Tennis Championships!

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