New – Pocket God: Episode 43: Killing Time


Episode 43: Killing Time is now out, don’t miss this update to Pocket God, one of the most popular apps of all time, with a huge cult following.

Is this the beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning? Either way, the Pygmies have BIG troubles. They find themselves on yet another mysterious island with an even more mysterious clock attached to a temple. It seems to be counting down to something, but what? Maybe there are answers inside the temple, where a chamber has the powers to bend the very fabric of space-time. Place a pygmy on a platform, set it to different positions to switch pygmies with a past self, future self, or a self from an alternate timeline. Learn more about their history, destiny, and what could have been!

In fact, there is an alternate timeline where, in the early episodes, the Pygmies were almost permanently changed into ginger pygmies. Why? It’s a long story! But now you get to see how that would have worked out.

This is the first part of an ongoing story that will unfold over several episodes. What’s going on? Keep updating to find out!

Find all the time-interactions to win a killer Hourglass idol for Battle of the Gods.

Also included with this update is the Superbowl Skin Pack! Decorate your island with sporty football swag! As always, it’s 99¢!

This is a free update but if you haven’t already downloaded this app you can do so here. It retails for $0.99/£0.69/download


And don’t forget the iOS5-powered Battle of the Gods Multiplayer! This adds a fun new dimension to Battle of the Gods where you can play the battle with real people!  Go into the battle arena and, in the battle selection screen, tap "multiplayer" to sign up…. and you can challenge random players, your friends or your family to play you in the Battle of the Gods (on their device, of course)!  Be sure to use your favorite idols in the battle!


In order to acquire god Idols, you must take the Challenge of the Gods!  While the objective of Pocket God is to explore, experiment and have fun, we now offer a whole new way to discover your god powers. On the start screen, tap "View Challenges" and you will see a menu of icons for the last 43 episodes. Tap an icon and you will be challenged to find all the godly powers bestowed upon you for that episode.



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