National Geographic – Climbing Mount Everest With An iPad And iPhone


National Geographic report, ‘this spring en route to Mount Everest, Hilaree O’Neill, 39, a ski-mountaineer from Colorado who is part of our 2012 Everest expedition which will be covered live in the National Geographic iPad app, will trek the same valleys and work up to Base Camp just as Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay did 59 years ago when the duo claimed the first ascent. But on the mountain, fortunately, O’Neill will not be using the antiquated gear—think woolen suits and wood-handled ice axes—that Hillary hauled. In this gallery, we take a look at the equipment Hillary and Norgay used in 1953 and the high-tech gear O’Neill will use to climb the world’s tallest peak in 2012′.

In fact O’Neill will make particular use of the iPad’s solid state drive which should make it usable at altitudes where spinning hard disk drives (common in laptops) have been known to fail.

As well as that, the iPhone 4S will be taken, ‘cell service, for better or worse, is now available throughout the Khumbu region and on Everest’s summit’.

You can find out more about this exhibition by going here.


Photograph by Cory Richards As seen from Lhotse, a team of climbers ascending Everest creates a spectacular line of light on the mountain ridge.

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