iOS – 645 PRO – Now Available And We Have Free Codes To Giveaway

After huge prelaunch controversory concerning the RAW issue, 645 PRO is now available in the iTunes App Store. 645 PRO has been designed, from the ground up, for professional and serious amateur photographers. So it works the way a camera works, not some piece of computer software.

Every setting is managed directly from the camera—no layers of menus to negotiate. You have instant access to everything that can be controlled, from focus/exposure and white balance locking to a 645 PRO-exclusive choice between spot and multi-zone metering.

And you have all the information you need, all the time, including a real-time ISO and shutter-speed reading and even a live histogram.

We have listed the features below but be aware that an update has also just been submitted to Apple for approval, the update will include the following:

* dRAW TIFF option saves full (645) format, whetever the choice of Back, rather than cropped
* Histogram updates are now smoother on iPhone 4S
* Camera control returned somewhat more quickly after shot taken
* Updated dRAW LCD and saving tell-tales to read +TIFF, plus updated User Manual (see
* Enhanced memory management
* Fixed minor formatting issue with Software metadata tag

This app retails for $2.99/£1.99 but we have codes to giveaway today, as our the developers have joined our Daily App Giveaway program.

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1. Maximum image quality
645 PRO develops high-quality JPEGs with the option of completely “lossless” JPEGs. You also have the choice to save the dRAW image data in TIFF format for later post-processing.

2. Intuitive handling
645 PRO has all its controls “on-camera”, providing instant access to everything.

3. Ultimate control
If it can be controlled, 645 PRO lets you control it. Exposure, focus, white balance, and more…

4. Spot metering
With 645 PRO you can choose between the standard Multi-Zone metering approach and more targeted Spot metering.

5. Low-light performance
Using Night Mode, 645 PRO has shutter speeds of up to 1 second, which can open up even the darkest evening scene.

6. Interchangable bodies
Choose the look you want for your camera—the verve of Rosso or understated Classic.

7. Interchangable backs
With five backs, 645 PRO can deliver all the leading medium format ratios from square to panoramic.

8. Professional film modes
645 PRO has seven color and B&W film modes inspired by classic film stock.

9. Live Preview
The Viewfinder can show you exactly what you will capture, so you can work precisely with the particular characteristics of your chosen film mode.

10. Interchangable focusing screens
Choose between crosshairs, Rule of Thirds or an architectural grid, keeping everything horizontal with the split-screen spirit level.

11. Real-time histogram
See how your image is balanced across five stops of exposure—even before you’ve taken it!

12. Essential informatiom
With its always-on LCD Display, 645 PRO shows you everything you need to know about your camera, from the ISO and shutter speed to the current flash and battery status.

Drawing its inspiration from the obsession with quality embodied by top-end Medium Format film and digital cameras, 645 PRO exists purely to help you use your iPhone as a tool for composing, taking and saving the finest possible photographs.


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Joanne Carter is the Founder and Editorial Director of A Professional Photographer and Associate of the British Industry of Professional Photographers, BIPP, as well as a Professional Journalist, specializing in Photography. Joanne is also a Columnist for Vogue Magazine and is Contributing Editor to LensCulture.