Olloclip Tutorials – Selection Of Short Tutorials Demonstrating What Can Be Achieved – Number 4


The Olloclip is an indepsenbile device to many iPhone photographers. It is incredibly simple to use and as it’s so small can always be carried with you.

We have put together a selection of short tutorials, showing exactly how simple it is to use the Olloclip to create stunning images.

Take a look below…



To construct this image, I attached the Macro lens of the Olloclip to my iPhone 4 and opened the Camera+ app, which I used to capture the shot. I then selected Square and Crop, as can be shown in the image on the left. With the image cropped and still within Camera+, I selected FX Effects and Vibrant and increased this intensity to 100%.


This is the final image and demonstrates just how well the Olloclip works with very little app input.


Take a look back in our Olloclip section for our next ‘Short Tutorial’ demonstrating with ease the great effects that can be achieved with the Olloclip.

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