Pocket Lighting Studio For Your iPhone


Another interesting project on Kickstarter has caught our attention, known as The Kick. With the Kick and the Kick App you can also sample light effects from any video stored on your iPhone. Or simply sample light straight from the iPhone camera, while you use it. Just point the iPhone towards the light effect you want the Kick to recreate, tap the screen – and the Kick will emit that light!  It’s automatically stored in the effects library for use later on.

At it’s most basic the Kick can emit straight white light, when you just need a little extra light. Then it allows you to adjust the color temperature – how warm or cold the light looks. A little warmth can do wonders for skin tones as the image below demonstrates.


In addition to white, you have access to all the colors of the rainbow and any color in between. Via the App’s color picker you choose the color you want and the Kick will emit the light instantly.  You can even create animated colors from static images by swiping your finger across the image and the app will record that as a stream and send it to the light… recreate the effect of clouds rolling across a summer sky by dragging your finger across a yellow & dark grey image!


The free Kick App gives you full control over the Kick. Change color and brightness, run any of the built-in light effects and take pictures or record video. All from within the same app. 

Just to be clear: you can use the Kick with any camera – it is not only for smartphones. If you prefer to use your DSLR or compact camera, you can use the Kick standalone – as an independent light source with amazing creative features. Your iPhone then works as a remote control for one or more Kick lights.

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