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Welcome to our new Photo App Lounge section of This is a very small area on our site where we ask highly accomplished iPhone photographers what their top five photo apps are and why. 
Kicking us off today is Roger Guetta otherwise known as DraMan. We previously interviewed Roger in Our Day In The Life series, if you missed, you can read it here. We also interviewed Roger for our A Picture’s Worth column, if you missed that you can read it here.

Roger has worked as a Professor of Theatre Arts in Montreal for 30 years. Prior to that he spent many years in the field running his own theatre, painting and experimenting in photographic techniques. He has also been involved in the film business as screenwriter and producer. His works during that period where shown in both Montreal and Toronto galleries.

We caught up with Roger in between shoots and asked him what his top five photo apps are. Roger has described his favorite apps in poetic poise, enjoy.



Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Farewell Tour’ – Apps Used – Touch Up, Snapseed, King Camera, Phototexture, Image Blender

Number 1 – ImageBlender



I see rhythmic possibilities, not with one.
I search the reiterative beat, but with two

a visual pattern contrasted and focused,
i visit and revisit tiny thumbnails of eroded
or embellished deconstructions and use
the slide to create allegory.

I rest my finger on the glass and am asked to arrange.
I expand, resize and/or reconfigure to create reference.
I analyze the product of the intent and crave navigation.

Number 2 – Snapseed



oh the drama acquired by shifting my finger from filter strength to saturation.
vertical slide to decorous modes. sometimes severe other times docile.
vintage or grunge, the components converge and the image distinguished.
a new language created, a mood conjured, now to detail.
selective adjust stresses light, directs variants and allows for flourish.
sometimes tilt-shift, sometimes not. the deed done, i continue the journey.

Number 3 – ScratchCam



the image now changes attitude at each click of the finger.
lighter, darker, monotone or sunlit jujube colors.
each time my inner voice authors a new story.
each time a decision particular to the mood is requested.
I flow to form, i represent the soul core, but I yearn for a fresh start.

Number 4 – Photo Texture


a thousand and one prefab fab textures to paint on to portions.
portions of the whole, like a novelist editing the nuances of the conflict.
like a painter dabbing in the underlining image identity, like the poet trolling
for a coherent tone, like a mystery to be solved. My stylus slides, it contours,
it marks the design with relationship to the whole. Now to delight once more.

Number 5 – Noir


a world of infinite light, schematic circles to draw away the color
and enter the image into a dark world. three controls, each with a dynamic of it’s own.
the precise touch, the slides that transform, the mono hues to choose from. the black
and white discourse is intoxicating. i am done, i have two versions. i sometimes suffer
horribly because they are both my children and yet one must be sacrificed.

i choose, bid farewell to the other and post.

the deed is done….i am transformed and laid bare.

i rejoice.


r. guetta


Links to apps mentioned

Image Blender



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