Bubble Grubble – iOS App Review


A great app for kids, challenging, addictive, creative and a whole lot of fun.




Category: Games
Released: July 05, 2012
Version: 1.1
Size: 18.2 MB
Developer: Fan Studio

Our Ratings
Graphics/Sound: 4/5
User Interface: 4/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Re-use/play value: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5
Price: Free/download

What Is It?


This is a very fun and addicting game where you control the mother bird and try to attain food/bugs for your youngsters. But it’s actually a lot more than that, it’s jam-packed with cool graphics, challenging and addictive gameplay bringing to you hours of pleasure.

Is It Easy To Use?


It’s one of those games that you need to get used to the controls for a while at first, it’s not difficult to use but you might want to become more familiar with it, with some additional practice before you feel completely au fait.

Is It Fun?


Yes, it is great fun and also requires a fair bit of skill which should ensure that any boredom that perhaps you may of experienced in other similar games is given a wide berth in this app.

Once you’re up and running you need to choose between Easy and Hard settings, the obvious choice when you’re starting out is to for Easy and that’s what we did too. From the screen you’ll then see that you have access to a choice of three ‘weapons’ in order to collect bugs for your babies. Remember this is a game for young children, so those weapons we just mentioned are actually stones and bombs. You’ll see little bugs hiding around and it’s up to you to use swiping motions or even the ‘sight’ locator to ensure that the mother bird takes precise aim. When you have hit a bug you need to then maneuver your iPhone around to enable the baby chick to eat the bug. During this whole process you’re actually timed, even on the easy mode, so you need to get into the flow quite quickly and that’s easily achievable.

Is It Pretty?


Yes, we really like the look of it. The screens are vaguely reminiscence of Angry Birds although the game play is completely different, of course.

Should You Download It?

Yes, without question, this game is free up to the first five levels on both the Easy and Hard settings. To access all 80 levels you only need to pay $0.99/£0.69. It’s definitely worth downloading the free version and seeing if this game is for you before purchasing but to be honest, we can’t see you hesitating.

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