Camera Extras – New App For Your Nokia Lumia


Camera Extras enhances your Lumia’s camera with a host of new functions and shot choices. You can check out the full features below.

You can download the app here – if it is available in your market, if not, it will not show up. It should be rolling out more soon.




Smart Group Shot: Capture great group shots in just one attempt by choosing the best faces from a burst


Action Shot: Capture fast-moving action shots with just one click and significantly improved shooting speed


Panorama: This new control feature makes it easy to capture beautiful panorama shots by finding the image in the sequence


Self-timer: Set up your Lumia on a stand and get yourself into more photos

Smart Group Shot

Smart Group Shot makes it easy to capture great group shots with just one attempt. Five images are captured in quick succession with a single press of the camera button. Advanced algorithms then detect the faces, and the ‘best’ face for each person is automatically selected and the images combined into a single ‘best’ shot. You can select an alternative face for each detected face, which is useful if, for example, you’d like to have everyone looking at each other.

Action Shot

Action Shot allows you to capture action and movement shots with significantly improved shooting speed or as a burst of shots. But it’s when you review burst images that the fun really starts: a new control mechanism makes it easy to find the images you’re looking for. As you slide your finger back and forth, the images are displayed one on top of one another as if you were controlling the action, so you can try out sequences and play them back.

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