Pholium – iPad App – Temporarily Free

Utilizing the iPad’s performance, high image quality capabilities, and inherent tactile experience, Pholium is designed to combine a rich user experience while retaining the highest image quality. With Pholium, you can publish and send your e-books to others and ensure the same high image quality and user experience is available to all.

This app usually retails for $4.99/£2.99 but at the time of this posting it is going free. We have no idea how long it will remain free for, so we recommend you double-check it is still free when you click the download button. Download here.

You can read more about this app below.





* All images (except unprocessed RAW) on the user’s iPad in their Photo app are available for import into the Pholium Gallery

* No image resizing required, Pholium optimizes photos for the best user experience and image quality

* Up to 4 images on a 2-page spread, 1 image on a full 2-page spread, or any combinations therein

* Add and remove pages on the fly

* Images may be freely rotated 360 degrees

* Images may be layered on top of one another

* Realistic book cover, and page look, feel, and control

* Front and back book covers with an image on each

* Book title, and sub-title or author on book cover

* Book cover colors are customizable

* In book editing and reading modes, realistic page turning, full screen, and up to 2X image viewing are possible

* Slideshow available for all images in book

* Images in Gallery can be re-ordered or organized in Stacks

* Images can be edited in the Gallery for fine tuning with; Brightness/Contrast, Exposure, along with creative controls (Black & White, Sepia, and Vibrance)

* All original and shared completed or “published” books are kept in the user’s Library in the app

* Books in process are kept in the user’s Studio in the app and may be edited indefinitely until “published” to their Library

* Wireless cloud uploading and downloading via WiFi for sending and receiving

* Link to web-based viewer with social sharing features for non-app users




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