Pocket Snapper – iModel and Virtual Studio – Updated


No more blurry or missed shots! Pocket Snapper helps you take brilliant photos of moving objects or dynamic scenes out of clips. Record every valuable moment with Pocket Snapper and take snapshots from your self-recorded videos. All the memories and surprising moments can be perfectly preserved both in the form of film and image!

Pocket Snapper offers you more than just the photo fun.

This is a popular app and it has just been updated with an HD video recording feature and the facility to capture images from your self recorded videos.

There’s a few other great additions too. Check out What’s New below. This is a free update, if you have previously downloaded this app. If not you can pick it up here. It retails for $1.99/£1,49/download.

New Features



1.HD video recording feature

2.Capture photos from your self-recorded videos

3.New iModel films

4.New Layout styles

5.Add text while arranging layouts

6.New filters and effects

7.Perspective cropping

8.Add dialog boxes in your photos



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