Professional Digital Clapperboard – Timecode Sync and Video Slate – New


We love digital clapperboards for the iPad and have looked at many in the past, this one is new though and looks like it’s going to be good too. It’s a professional-grade advanced clapperboard app with clear audio and visual sync marks with variable FPS timecode and clock.
 Professional Digital Clapperboard was developed by a real TV crew while producing a series of documentaries. 

If you’re a professional, student, work in the media or an enthusiast, Professional Digital Clapperboard is the best clapper board time code sync app for professional use with high quality visual cues and clear audio cues. 

Professional Digital Clapperboard is primarily used with the audio and visual cues to sync cameras and sound recording devices during editing.

Check out the features below. This version is $11.99/£9.99 and you can download it here. There is also a less comprehensive model available for free and you can download that here.





– Multiple slates
– Custom FPS for timecode and timer
– Tail slate function
– “Flash” high-contrast visual cue
– Loud audible beep for audio cue
– Changeable B/W and colour clappers

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