STV-Stereographer Toolkit & Viewer – Huge Price Drop


STV is a useful application for stereoscopic photography that allows you quickly check that things will look fine on screen after you shoot. Set up your Camera, IPD and Screen that you will get on screen. STV will show you depth bracket and available parallax budget in post-production field. 
This app is the perfect tool for creative professionals in the 3D post-production. Both stereographer and photographer can check their work from any location.

You can read more about this app below. It has had several huge price drops since it arrived in the app store last month. Originally retailing for $179.99. It is now currently available for only $9.99/£6.99. You can download it here.





* Manage scene and cut and change cut order
* Display depth graph in scene
* Show depth bracket and comfortable depth range around the display without eye-strain
* View stereo image in Anaglyph(Red/Blue-Dubois method), Side by side, Checkerboard and Difference
* Shift depth bracket forward and backward
* Slide show all shots in your scene in stereoscopic mode
* Preview on 3D-TV with HDMI output(requires Apple Digital AV Adapter*)
* Import maximum 4K(4096×2304, 4480×1920) image file(does not support movie file)
* Export Anaglyph image, Side by side image for 3D-TV, PC
* Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface
* Support New iPad(retina display)





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