TheAppWhisperer Moves In With dpreview


Perhaps we should rephrase that to ‘theappwhisperer moves within dpreview’. The reason we are telling you this is that our regular readers will be well aware that we also write for about mobile apps, we really love and so were delighted to be part of their new site design.

We’re still independent but you will be able to see our entire news content over at dpreview as well. Just click on an article that inspires you and you will be redirected back here to read it in full. We are part of the new link directory which as dpreview explains ‘is as the name implies, a directory of web resources for photographers and digital camera fans. In the directory you’ll find a growing collection of pages (with RSS and twitter updates) for websites, photographers, bloggers and manufacturers. Some of these are valued resources, some sources of inspiration, some are just places and people we like’.

So there you have it, what we’d like you to do is hit the Subscribe button under our section of dpreview. This means we move further up the page and also means updates from any of the pages you’re following appear on your profile page and in a widget on the sidebar of the site.

Click here to view us and subscribe to us on dpreview




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