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Welcome to our new Photo App Lounge section of This is a very small area on our site where we ask highly accomplished iPhone photographers what their top five photo apps are and why. 
Kicking us off today is Mel Harrison. We previously interviewed Mel in our A Day In The LIfe column, if you missed that you can read it here. Mel has always had an artistic outlet in her life, be it drawing, soft sculpture or textile art. Mel has seen her work exhibited around the world since, including one of her macro images projected onto a wall in New Zealand. Mel has been named Artist of the day at iPhoneArt and voted as Artist for the month of March.

We caught up with Mel in between shoots and asked her what her top five photo apps are, this is what she said…


Copyright Image – Mel Harrison ‘Don’t look at me I am hideous’


‘This image above, “Don’t look at me I am hideous” is an example of an image that used some of the apps below (and more) to create. It is a multi-layered image with many hours of work involved. Without each of these apps this image could not exist’.

Number 1 – 6×6



‘I have found my style works best in square format and 6×6 is my shooting app of choice. It’s simple and user friendly but the results are crisp and clear. It works really well on my macro work’.


Number 2 – Snapseed


‘I would be lost without Snapseed. It really is the one app I would never give up. It’s user-friendly interface and fantastic results have trumped any other similar app I have tried. When the updated the black and white settings a little while ago it really became my all encompassing editing app. I rarely step outside Snapseed for basic editing now days’.


Number 3 – Juxtaposer


Juxtaposer is essential to my artist pieces. Being able to mask off an image and save it as a stamp to use over and over again is the most appealing aspect of Juxtaposer. Being able to save a session and come back to it later is fantastic for busy people too because some masking can be very fiddly and that takes time to get right.


Number 4 – Image Blender


‘I would say Image Blender is used on 99.9% of my artwork. I guess I use it more as an opacity slider for effects from other apps. Apps such as perculator or shock my pic etc that do not have any control over intensity will get a run through Image Blender to tone it down a little, or a lot depending on the work. Some of my pieces will have 5 or 6 runs through Image Blender between apps to get it just right. I do use the blending modes occasionally when needed but a lot of the work I do in Image blender is simple normal mode blending with masking’.


Number 5 – Paint FX: Photo Effects Editor


‘If I could only chose one effects app then PaintFX would be it. For the very simple reason that is allows you to paint on the effects exactly where you want them to be. I use it a lot for highlights and brightness. The lift that can be given to an image by just brightening, even slightly, where the natural light falls can be the difference between a nice image and a WOW! Image. I also use PaintFX for backgrounds, painting over an image with a texture to create a blank canvas to import into Juxtaposer or Image Blender’.


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