Auto Masterpiece Filter HD – New


This is a brand new app, Auto Masterpiece Filter HD is a oil paint effect blender to help you to turn your photo in to an art works.

This app is free and you can download it here.





-upload a photo , choose a oil paint.

-choose a blend mode

-blend the painting with your photo

– it’s done in just 2/3 steps!

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3 thoughts on “Auto Masterpiece Filter HD – New

  1. I love TheAppWhisperer and it’s one of my first “go to’s” in the am before starting my day! Thanks for all the reviews and info. BTW – downloaded Auto Masterpiece but it sure didn’t stay free long – Monday am and it’s priced at 2.99 (on sale) but I’m sure a good deal..

  2. This app literally vanished from my iPads and iPhone. It’s simply gone. No trace of anything newer than this 2012 entry. You can’t buy it again, find it anywhere, nothing. I would like to have it back. Nothing. What about a refund and explanation?

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