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Film is a wonderful way to explore the world through Instagram photos. Scroll through dozens of photos live from events across the globe. Check out your destination before leaving the hotel room. See the game you’re at from a new perspective.

Film lets you browse your Instagram Feed and Photos, but it goes beyond that. With unmatched location features, you can browse photos from anywhere on the planet. Search for cities like San Francisco and even places like the Golden Gate Bridge. Drag around a pin to see photos from a specific location.

This app retails for $0.99/£0.69 and you can download it here.





☆ View your Feed, Profile, and Popular photos

☆ Search hashtags and users, tappable links

☆ Like and Comment, view likes + comments

☆ Profiles with follow/unfollow buttons

☆ Swipe between photos

☆ Share photos via email, text, or Twitter

☆ Polished interface with sidebar for quick access

☆ See where photos were taken

☆ Search cities and places

☆ Map view with draggable pin

☆ Infinite scrolling

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