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Laminar Express is a brand new iPhone photography app from the developers of Laminar and Iris Photo Suite. This application is teh same as Laminar but with three major limitations:

➥Maximum working resolution is limited to 1024×768.
➥Exported images have a small non intrusive watermark stamp on the bottom right.
Watermark is added only on the images shared, not on the images saved to the library.
➥Web search using Bing is not available on the express version.

This app is free and you can download it here.




It’s extremely easy to perform some of the most basic tasks like:
➥Work on Individual channels to get that perfect tonal effect.
➥Work with RAW camera images. (Needs location services to be enabled).
➥Import images directly from sources like Flickr,Facebook, Microsoft Bing.
➥One of the easiest and accurate implementation of layers.
➥Create masks using tools like MagicWand, Gradients, and Text.
➥Brushes. Complete customization options including Variance, Jitter, Softness etc.
➥Support of output resolution as high as 3872×3872 (15MP) on iPad2.
➥Ability to save Presets for the adjustments.
➥Ability to save images in both PNG, and JPG.
➥Watermark presets.

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