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I must admit I am feeling incredibly flattered today, we have just received this awesome graphic from Andrea Bigiarini declaring his love for us. He created this graphic with:

-Background: Pxl, Fluid Fx
– Juxtaposed images: Artifact
– Halftone: PopDot HD
– Baloons and paper effect: Strip Design

Let’s hope he’ll agree to a tutorial, I am sure you’d all love to know how he created it. Many many thanks Andrea.




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3 thoughts on “More Compliments For

  1. There are many way to show your love for something you like.
    I prefere images than words (opps – don’t tell around. I’m a writer)
    Glad you like.
    ASAP I’ll try to make a guide (in my bad written english) to how make this type of style.

  2. Congratulations Joanne. This is certainly a wonderful surprise and very different from the usual words. I like that Andrea Bigiarini used his imagination to create this exceptional compliment.

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