Photography As Art – The Times – By Kevin Carter


Many of our regular readers are well aware that is the only smartphone photography website that is written by professional photographic technology writers. Kevin and I write for a huge array of titles from the British Journal of Photography, The Guardian, The Times, MacUser, HotShoe, Digital Photographer Android magazine and many many more.

We wanted to share our latest published piece with you today. It’s in the UK version of The Times newspaper and it is entitled ‘Photography as Art’. Kevin has written an almost full page article entitled ‘Digital painting with pixels is freedom for photographers’. It’s an excellent piece. You can download the full section of the article here.




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10 thoughts on “Photography As Art – The Times – By Kevin Carter

  1. Congratulations!!!
    What a pleasure to read this well written article, quite impressive.
    P.S. – somehow feel a connection to the writer having followed The AppWhisperer faithfully for so long now :o)

    • Thank you for that wonderful comment, it’s great you’re feeling a connection, that’s what it’s all about. Thank you for being such a loyal follower and for all your wonderful comments along the way.

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