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Another new vintage filter and power editing app, Vintique comes packed with 32 vintage filters as well as the facility to turn on or off adjustment steps and textures in a filter.

You can read more about this app below. It retails for $0.99/£0.69 and you can download it here.



★ 32 Vintage Filters

– old times, warm day, delight, 5 p.m., watercolors
– pinky day, drowsy, vintage, yesterday, the day, heaven
– happy time, beamed, someday, sweet dream, phantasm
– dim past, tenebrific, gloomy, reminiscent, remember, mind map, coarse
– canvas, letters, chilly, chic, pure, fading, blue ink, memories, dark mood


★ Adjustments

– Bright/Contrast/Saturation
– Vibrance
– Temperature/Tint
- Highlight/Shadow
– Exposure
– Gamma
– Hue

★ 19 various vignetting

– You can adjust vignetting’s opacity.

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2 thoughts on “Vintique – New

  1. Great app by the looks but have read some reviews and the res is 612×612,no good really,they say it’s for sharing to instagram and Facebook, large photos can still be sent to these so why such a low res.

  2. Thank you for this posting!!! Really appreciate you!

    We will update it soon for handling full resolution.

    It takes time because of many frames (49 frames should be remake).

    But you can see the version within this month!

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