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As Media Partners to EyeEm’s Photo HackDay we previously received the Press Kit relating to their new up and coming update to their Photo Filter Camera app but were sworn to secrecy. Finally the update has hit the App Store and we can reveal all.

This update is a complete redesign of its iOS and Android applications, bringing both up to version 3.0. The third iteration of the popular photography app contains a raft of new features and optimizations, focussing on new routes to discovery of relevant pictures from around the world.

There are many things we like about this app but perhaps the most important element is how the developers push into other platforms. This app is available on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms. This is so important, mobile photography is just that and the more people that can access it and enjoy the better. By ensuring that their app is accessible across the wide spectrum of platforms also ensures worldwide inclusion. You can share images with friends who may not have the same device/platform as you within the app. As much as we love Apple, it must be remembered that the leading platform is Android and it’s getting better all the time. With the latest reiteration of Nokia’s new Windows handsets this week, this is another area that EyeEm is keen to conquer.

You can read more about this update below. You can download this app from the relevant app stores, to you, below. This app is free across all platforms.





EyeEm’s reengineered navigation interface re-imagines the app’s focus on discovery of pictures from other users, to offer an all-round faster, slicker and more relevant photo experience than ever before. The keystone feature is an all new ‘Discover’ feed, available on the start screen, which actively learns users’ tastes based on the pictures they take. The app’s internal algorithm will actively push photos to the Discover feed, based on user location (such as interesting places or events nearby, places previously visited), on activity (what kind of topical albums users have contributed to) and by other topics that are trending worldwide. In addition to the location and topic tagged pictures that have become the hallmark of EyeEm’s offering, this newest iteration of the app also adds maps to show exactly where images have been taken.


New Features



  • Completely redesigned interface – ever present side-mounted menu makes navigation easier than ever
  • New Discover feed pushes recommended pictures based on location, topic and trends
  • Incorporation of maps for each photo taken
  • Locations now have a ‘profile’ each, to collate images together in the same fashion as user profiles
  • Incorporation of EyeEm blog – stay up to date with news and challenges
  • Speed and memory use upgrades across the board – much faster navigation and uploads, which are now resumable if connection is lost


“The New EyeEm is the most significant step so far in realizing our vision of what is possible through smartphone photography; to offer people alternative, relevant images of the world around them, sorted and tailored to their interests and lifestyle,” commented EyeEm CEO Florian Meißner. “We feel our focus on discovery of content outside of users’ traditional social graph offers something genuinely unique in this space, and we’re anticipating evermore outstanding content from our global community once they get their hands on our new version.”


iOS, Android And Windows



Since launching originally on iOS and Android devices in August 2011, free to download EyeEm has established itself as a pioneering service for discovering smartphone photography, as well as a swift method of personal photo sharing on social networks and personal blogs. The 14 built-in filters offer instant picture editing in real-time to photos that can be automatically tagged based on user location and activity. These images then become searchable and discoverable through either the app itself or via the supporting web platform; EyeEm will push a customized, relevant stream of pictures to users based on their location, activities and the pictures they submit to the network.

Since releasing its WinPhone version earlier in 2012 and revamping its web portal to offer the only true cross-platform camera app experience, tech press such as TWiT.tv’s Leo Laporte have singled out EyeEm as a serious contender in the smartphone photo space.

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