New Olloclip For iPhone 5 – Coming Soon!


We’ve had a few enquires as to whether the Olloclip will fit on the new iPhone 5. We’ve just spoken with the manufacturer and he supports our thoughts, that it really doesn’t look like it will. However, they have been prepared for this and have been working on new designs for some time.

We can officiallly reveal that there will be a new Olloclip for the iPhone 5 available later on this year!


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6 thoughts on “New Olloclip For iPhone 5 – Coming Soon!”

    • Olloclip replied to my same inquiry in the negative. I looked at the gap in the fitting, thought for a minute about a small shim that would make my Olloclip for iPhone4 fit my new iPhone 5, reached for the coin jar and discovered a US penny coin fits perfectly. Put the penny in your Olloclip bag and you’ll be good to go!

  1. please notify me when the olloclip is available for iPhone5.

    Will you be at macworld san francisco, as you were last year? I bought a couple from you then.

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