Extension Of The I With Alon Goldsmith – A Mobile Photographer Oozing With Natural Born Talent


Welcome to another new series of interviews and insights that we are running on theappwhisperer.com. This new section, entitled, Extension Of The I, goes deeper into the photographic aspects of mobile photography. It delves into the lives and thoughts and … Read more

Latest Photo Apps Updated For iOS 6 And/Or iPhone 5


There have been a huge number of excellent photo apps updated in the past 24 hours, so many that we have decided to put them into one post for you to view and update or download more easily. All the … Read more

Big Lens – Tutorial – Using Blur To Improve Your Mobile Images


A few days ago I was having a lovely conversation with my very good IG friend Ian Garrington (@iangarrington on Instagram), about the various blurring apps that one can find around. At one point he said something that made me … Read more

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