iObsess – PhotoForge 2 Tutorial


We’re sure many of our readers have already seen our announcement earlier today of Dan Marcolina joining us as a Columnist. We’re really delighted to have him on board and to publish his first, of many, great tutorials.

Check out the PhotoForge2 tutorial below and prepare to be seriously impressed with Dan’s awesome creativity and imaginative skills.


PhotoForge 2 Tutorial






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6 thoughts on “iObsess – PhotoForge 2 Tutorial”

  1. Loved the tutorial! Didn’t now that I could do so many things with this app. Thanks and keep them coming, please!!! 🙂

  2. It’s interesting in the fact that I didn’t know that this functions could be achieved with Photoforge2, but really… A tutorial for me would be explaining how to make a mask, how to use it, how to manipulate it. That’s what I am having dificult with.
    If any of the colaborators would do a step by step of masking and layers I would be most greatful!

  3. I purchased this app, am however clueless. Unable to figure out very little of it. Got P2, same deal. I’m wondering if I should start with a beginners, easy photo shop app. Perhaps I could then learn what they are trying to tell me to do. I’m an intelligent woman, just technically challenged. I don’t know what tools to use when they instruct you, so on. My so’s a graphic artist but unfortunately lives far away. I’m determined to learn this. It is something I want to do so much.

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