‘We’ve Got A Little (iPad Mini) To Show You’


Apple have sent out the invitations to their latest event, actually entitled ‘we’ve got a little more to show you’, and we believe along with a whole host of outher websites, that this is where Apple will anounce the iPad Mini. The event takes place on October 23 at 10.00 am PDT at the California Theatre in San Jose, California.

There are also strong rumors that Apple will announce an updated 13 inch MacBook Pro with a retina display. They launched the corresponding 15 inch model earlier this year.

There’s a strong emphasis on iBooks and we feel that the iPad Mini, if it exists, will be a massive contender to the Amazon Kindle Fire among others and of course, it launches just in time for the huge Christmas market.

As always we will be covering the event live on our website but also to keep up with the event minute by minute make sure you follow us on Twitter – @theappwhisperer. See you there!




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3 thoughts on “‘We’ve Got A Little (iPad Mini) To Show You’”

  1. You are the first one I’ve read who has made the connection between the word “little” as used in the invitation, and the rumored “mini”. Pretty clever, on both your part AND theirs.

  2. Can’t Wait!

    I for one will be standing in line… well… virtually at least… Gotta keep food on the table until I successfully take over the world… Mua Ha ha!

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